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The Endangered Apples of New England
Monday, October 4th at 7pm
Most Americans would be surprised to learn that a common New England crop, apples, have been called the country’s “most endangered food.” Currently, 86% of apple varieties grown in the US have vanished, and four out of five are on the brink of extinction. Many of these apple varieties are not “dessert apples” like Red Delicious, but traditional cider apples. Thanks to the hard cider revival, rare apples are being saved. In this talk, join presenter Sarah Lohman, as we explore the historical characters that brought good cider to America and the contemporary cider makers who hope to preserve these apples. I’ll also share my travels across the country on the hunt for rare apples, including a once famous New Jersey apple that was considered extinct until its 2018 rediscovery in an abandoned 19th century orchard. Registration is required!

Helen Keller: Champion of the Disabled
Wednesday, October 6th at 6pm
This program is written from Helen’s mind eye and helps people of all ages understand and accept the different ways we do the same things. Join us and get inspired to be the best you can be with the talents you possess. This program is cosponsored by the Natick Commission on Disability, Morse Institute Library, and the Natick Historical Society. Please register to receive the Zoom link. 

High-TAIL it Outta Here: The History of Horror
Thursday, October 7th at 7pm
Ever wondered what horror was like before the glossy modern movies? Are you looking for something spooky to read for Halloween? Come with us on a whirlwind tour of older horror novels! We’ll touch on some of the classics, of course, but mostly we’re going to look at books you’ve probably never heard of. Creep through some old haunted houses. Visit the vampires that predate Dracula! Learn about the controversies surrounding The Amityville Horror. Maybe you’ll discover a new favorite... that’s actually a very old favorite.