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Nina Sable can help with your cherished home and move to a senior living facility

Nina Sable, with William Raveis Real Estate in Natick, has extensive experience working with seniors who are planning to sell their homes.

By Linda Chuss
Considering moving from your lifelong, beloved home to an independent or assisted living community is a topic many older people do not want to address. It can be difficult to picture, but seniors will be better off starting to envision it for themselves.
“It’s best to begin the process sooner than you think you need to,” said Nina Sable, a real estate agent with the William Raveis office in Natick. “Things can move quickly if required, but you may have to make compromises on your proceeds, new location, or the timing. To help ensure the best results, begin planning and preparation before you’re forced to act.”
People who contact Sable when they are just beginning to consider options benefit from her extensive experience with older people looking to move, and referrals she can provide for special situations. Having her level of understanding helps homeowners avoid mistakes, and she tailors the experience to each homeowner’s needs.
“We work together under a six-month agreement,” Sable explained. “Some people find the concept of a contract scary, but it’s standard in the industry and not complicated. Typically, things can move faster, on the order of three months.
“When we first meet, I answer questions and provide advice. Start by identifying the long-term facilities to consider and narrow it down before applying, because application fees can be on the order of $1,000. Find out if that deposit is refundable. And ask about timing requirements: they may give you 60 days to move in once you’re accepted, so you want to know their stipulations before applying.
“You should also work with an accountant and/or lawyer familiar with elder topics. They’ll help you determine the finances you’ll need for the facility you’re considering. They may recommend you set up a trust, or that your home sale proceeds go directly towards the senior living facility. I can offer suggestions for facilities and financial experts, if that’s something the homeowner wants.
“Then we get into the real estate aspects. I provide a market analysis of your home, so you know the expected price given the home’s condition. You can see how that aligns with the funds needed for your new residence. Next, we turn to timing and consider the target date for the sale and move, along with the condition of the home and any plans for updating it.
“If you have a reverse mortgage, it could take longer. I just completed the sale of a home with a reverse mortgage, but because of the specialist I worked with, it didn’t slow things down.”
Next, Sable said, the process is to make updates to the house, if that is in the plans, and work with her to stage the home and get professional photos. She then markets the home online, finds the buyer, and completes the sale. “I can line up the home sale to coincide with the senior living property’s timeline.”
Sable offers tips for other special situations. “If your payments have gotten ahead of you and you’re heading towards foreclosure, act quickly: you may have enough equity to sell the home before the bank possesses it. For anyone who needs to expedite a sale, we’ll want to set an at-market price: listing above market hoping for higher proceeds usually slows things down. And a common misconception is that anything found during an inspection means the price needs to be lowered: inspections are for the buyer’s education and the seller is not obligated to offer a pricing concession for something uncovered.”
For more information on how Sable can help you get started, visit, or contact Sable at (508) 733-8935 or [email protected].