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Metco & Suburban School Leaders, Parents, Bring “Advocacy Day” With State Legislators To Suburbs

Longtime “METCO Champion” State Rep. David Linksy speaks out on importance of increased funding for METCO at MetroWest South METCO Advocacy Day at  Needham Town Hall.  Also participating are Rep. Kay Kahn (Newton) and legislative aides from the offices of Sen. Karen Spilka (Natick), Sen. Becca Rausch (Dover, Needham, Sherborn), Sen. Denise Garelick (Dover, Needham), and Rep. Ruth Balser (Brookline, Newton). Also shown are METCO and suburban school representatives from Dover, Dover-Sherborn, Natick, Needham, Newton, Sherborn and Wayland.

METCO & school reps joined legislators at Needham Town Hall to urge state funding increase to $33 million

Faced with a second year of proposed level-funding, METCO directors and suburban school superintendents, along with teachers, staff and parents, are bringing a strong appeal for a desperately needed state funding increase to the suburbs, meeting with legislators on their home turf.
In meetings with legislators in the suburban districts served by METCO, advocates are asking lawmakers to fully fund METCO at its current ask of $33 million, which includes a $3.6 million funding increase. That $3.6 million boost is only ONE-THIRD OF ONE PERCENT of the 
$1.3 BILLION projected revenue from the Fair Share Amendment (Millionaire’s Tax) that is designated to support education and transportation. 
That METCO budget increase is essential for METCO to meet inflationary pressures from skyrocketing transportation costs and rising special education costs at the district level; to support student services and close achievement gaps; and to deepen racial equity and integration work through METCO 2.0. 
As part of its suburban campaign, METCO and school representatives held “METCO Advocacy Day” at Needham Town Hall on April 5. At that event, METCO directors, school superintendents, school committee members, board members, parents and other school and community leaders met with legislators and aides from Brookline, Dover, Dover-Sherborn, Natick, Needham, Newton. Sherborn, and Wayland.  
METCO Champion Representative David Linsky (Natick, Wayland) and Rep. Kay Kahn (Newton) addressed the group. Legislative aides from the offices of Sen. Karen Spilka (Natick), Sen. Becca Rausch (Dover, Needham, Sherborn), Sen. Denise Garelick (Dover, Needham), and Rep. Ruth Balser (Brookline, Newton) also participated. 
METCO stands as a national model of voluntary school integration with METCO communities opening doors of opportunity for Boston’s urban students while providing a transformative journey of racial equity and inclusion for all students, parents and community members. With the requested funding increase, the METCO 2.0 program will expand to provide every student in a METCO district with an inclusive, equitable and anti-racist education.
A recent independent 20-year longitudinal research study shows that the METCO program boosts educational achievement and career outcomes for K-!2 students.

About METCO:
METCO or the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, founded in 1966, serves 3,103 Boston students and 13,434 suburban students and their families annually, with 33 public school districts and 198 suburban schools participating. METCO is the largest voluntary school desegregation program in the nation, applauded for expanding educational opportunities, increasing diversity, and reducing racial isolation. Ongoing research points to the stellar performance of METCO students in regard to high school graduation rates and enrollment in college.