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SPARK Event About Kids And Emotions

Event Name: Managing Moods 101: How to Help Kids Develop an Emotional Vocabulary

Event Date: Wednesday, March 20th at 7pm at Wilson Middle School, Natick

Event Description: SPARK Kindness presents a FREE in-person community program. In this interactive talk, author and child development expert Deborah Farmer Kris, M.Ed., will give practical advice about how to help kids name, normalize, and navigate their feelings – especially the tricky ones – so they can better manage themselves and the world around them. We all want to raise kind and thoughtful kids – children who can reach out with compassion and bounce back from challenges. That’s why it’s important to support their emotional awareness and resilience. Emotionally literate kids are better equipped to learn in school, deal with difficulties, form healthy relationships, and make responsible choices. This program is a great opportunity for parents of preschool and elementary-aged children to add helpful tools to their parenting toolkit!

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