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Nina Sable helps home sellers and buyers close successfully

Nina Sable (right) recently welcomed Claudia Shepherd to her team.

By Linda Chuss

“2023 was a good year for my clients and my practice,” said Nina Sable, real estate specialist with the William Raveis office in Natick. “It’s because we focus where are strengths are. Selling homes that have deferred maintenance is a specialty. And we’re good at making sure sales agreements are completed by providing extra preparation early on for buyers and sellers. For the new year, we look forward to working with more clients in Natick as well as helping people fulfill their vision of owning on Cape Cod, where I also have a strong background.

“In Natick, there are many owners with mortgages nearly paid off who are ready to move, but who don’t start the process because the house is distressed and they think they need to fix things up first. It’s a good idea to start working with us now, even if the intention is to move later in the year so we can begin planning together. We can get those houses sold, without the need to spend a lot of time and investment in making improvements.

“Sellers in those situations also appreciate that we can help them move to their next location, by providing services to help organize and pack their things. I have experience with that and I like helping to smooth transitions for people.

“We often show homes to young families where it’s their first experience in the suburbs. They look in Natick because of its fabulous reputation and the two commuter stations. Typically, these buyers seek houses that need some work because of the price point it affords them. And our contacts include remodeling specialists so we can help buyers find the services they need in this area.”

Sable noted that her practice has successfully navigate some of the issues she’s heard are making the process take longer and or end before completion. “In part it’s because interest rates are higher and have experienced fluctuation, so buyers have been reluctant to lock in at a rate,” she explained. “Our team has made closings happen despite the uncertainties. We spend the time needed up front to ensure a buyer is fully qualified and seriously interested. On the selling side, we try to establish that everyone involved is on board with the decision, so there isn’t a cancellation at the end of the closing cycle. It can be tricky but our clients benefit from the advice we offer based on our experience.

“We also work with people who started with another agency but couldn’t finish the process with them. We can provide more hand-holding if that’s needed, and people really welcome the way we keep them up to date on the status and the next steps.”

Other ways that Sable’s office serves their clients is by using social media campaigns and creative marketing for homes that need to move more quickly. Another advantage the team offers comes from the addition of their newest member, Claudia Shepherd. “As a Spanish speaker, Claudia helps us better serve more of the population, and a bigger team means we can just do more.”

Sable also enjoys helping people who want to buy or sell homes on Cape Cod, specifically the Upper Cape region. She spent years vacationing there and eventually purchased a home in the Falmouth area. “The appeal is that within an hour, you can be on vacation without having to find a place to stay. You can go every weekend if you want to. And it’s a good investment because weekly vacation rentals are lucrative. I welcome helping others who want to enjoy those benefits.”

For more information, visit, or contact Sable at (508) 733-8935 or [email protected].