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Sable Homes Metro-West Expands Real Estate Team

Nina Sable (right) recently welcomed Claudia Shepherd to her team.

By Christie Vogt
Contributing Writer

Nina Sable, a real estate specialist known for her expertise in selling “as-is” homes, is now leading a team under the new umbrella of Sable Homes Metro-West. With the addition of bilingual real estate agent Claudia Shepherd, Sable’s Natick-based group is now able to meet the demand “seven days a week” as well as serve Spanish-speaking clients.  

“Even with the market cooling down, it has been busy enough that we needed to have agent support,” Sable says. “Now, we can respond more quickly to clients, have more open houses, schedule extra showing appointments and really be accessible to sellers and buyers.”

One of the team’s specialties is working with remodelers and helping homeowners who are selling their distressed homes. “We’re good at finding remodelers for such homes, and Claudia in particular works very well with that population,” Sable says. “We have a lot of clients who are fluent in Spanish who come to us looking for that type of property. So, we have worked with a lot of business owners looking for property and business owner investors looking to remodel property for extra income.”

Another population Sable Homes works with is people who have tax ID numbers rather than social security numbers. “We help them purchase homes and provide resources like mortgage brokers, attorneys and other folks who work in that space,” Sable says.

Sable Homes is also unique because of the rental assistance it offers. Especially in the suburbs, not many real estate agents will do rentals and rental listings, Sable says, but her team “offers full service, all the way from listing the property to helping maintain it. If the owner isn’t on-site, we can go over and take care of things, for example, or we can make showing appointments for them.” Although they work with sellers and buyers across the region, Sable Homes only offers rental assistance in the Natick, Framingham, Ashland and Marlborough areas.

When it comes to selling properties, Sable says December is a good time because more serious buyers are out looking, even though sales tend to slow down a bit in the winter. “Especially for absentee owners who don’t want to maintain their properties in the winter, now is an ideal time to sell,” Sable says, “so you won’t have to worry about cold weather problems like pipes bursting and snow removal. You also won’t have the headache and pressure of the spring market.”

Sable also works with people looking to purchase on Cape Cod, and she says that winter is a good time to buy in that area. “You can get into your new home by March, for example, and then enjoy the entire spring and summer on the Cape,” she says.

While based in Natick, Sable Homes works up to 50 miles west and south of Boston. The group’s range of clients is also vast. “We will work with just about any candidate in any price range,” Sable says. “That separates us. We can really customize our services to what clients need.”

With Sable Homes, there’s also no rush to jump into a decision. “If people are one to two years away from wanting to sell, it’s still a great time to meet with us and build a rapport,” Sable says. “We can give you a market report and evaluate your home, too. Sometimes clients get to us and they are already in a rush to sell. This way, we can build trust and a relationship early on in the process.”

For more information, contact Sable Homes Metro-West at 508-733-8935, [email protected] or visit