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Fall is a Great Time to Sell, Says Nina Sable

By Christie Vogt
Contributing Writer

Mums are in bloom, leaves are changing, pumpkins are on the front stoop — now is an excellent time of year to sell your home, says real estate agent Nina Sable. “Fall is a great season to have your house on the market because it’s easy to create curb appeal through things like landscaping and harvest decor. You can also stage your home with fall accents, and the nice weather means people are still out and about shopping for homes,” Sable says. “This is a really good time to capture buyers.” 

Sable says we’re still in a seller’s market, and home inventory continues to be low. But, she cautions, “just because there’s low inventory doesn’t mean everyone’s home is going to sell over-asking. There’s a myth that all homes are going over-asking, and that’s not actually true.” Nevertheless, if sellers want to maximize and streamline their home-selling experience, Sable says she is the person to call, regardless of their situation.

“I’ve worked with a lot of different types of real estate and haven’t limited myself to one area or one type of home to sell,” Sable explains. “I know how to sell multiple types of properties — single family, mobile homes, multi-family, condos, unique homes, old homes; you name it. I’ve sold hundreds of houses at this point and aim to keep that momentum going.”

Real estate has always been a part of her life, Sable says. Her father was a real estate developer and her grandfather was a multifamily housing investor. Sable got into real estate herself in 2015 after transitioning out of the senior services industry where she helped people find nursing homes and get better care while in such facilities.

Given this experience in senior services, one of Sable’s real estate specialties is working with families in crisis. “A typical family I might work with is someone who is older, has health complications and who needs home care or different types of assistance in the house,” Sable explains. “I’m good at working with partners that help in that capacity, as well as packing up, preparing and selling the house.”

“With families in crisis, it’s often the case that a house has gotten ahead of them in terms of maintenance,” Sable elaborates. “I’m equipped to spend more time with them and help them figure out referrals that they’ll need, get them to the next step, and get them out of the house in a hurry without having to take the steps to fix it up first. I’m good at making sure the process doesn’t affect them.”

When working with all types of sellers, Sable says her approach is characterized by patience and attention. “I’m careful to go at their pace and listen to what they’re trying to achieve,” she says. “I work with them, I don’t push them, and their timelines are respected and met.”

Sable’s ability to build trust and relationships with clients has been an advantage in this industry, she says. “Being a real estate agent is a very good job if you like to work with people. You get to learn about them in a way that’s so personal,” she says. “When the transaction is over, you actually miss them because you ended up spending so much time getting to know them. Likewise, I tell people that choosing a realtor you like is a really important piece because you may be working with them for quite some time.”

Whether you’re considering selling now, later in the year or in 2024, Sable says it’s not too early to get in touch. For more information, contact Nina Sable at 508-733-8935, [email protected] or visit