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Real Estate Agent Nina Sable Shares Expert Pricing Tips for Sellers

By Christie Vogt
Contributing Writer

 For home sellers looking for a hassle-free experience, Nina Sable’s reputation as an “as-is realtor” is a major draw. And while the housing market continues to be in sellers’ favor, Sable stresses that it’s important for sellers to know the current best practices when it comes to pricing their properties.
While the market tends to slow down a bit in the summer, Sable says there are still opportunities to sell, and it might even be an optimal time in terms of convenience. “Buyers might be busy with vacations and summer activities, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad time to sell,” she says. “Sellers, too, might be on vacation, which means their homes are vacant and easier to show while they’re out of town.” The curb appeal of homes is often at peak presentation levels, too. “Landscaping tends to look great in the summer, so houses show very well this time of year,” Sable says.
Sable has also noticed that the market currently has a large number of for-sale-by-owner listings. “These sellers, especially if they’re having difficulties, should really consult with a realtor. Our expertise is the pricing of the house, versus if you go on the market on your own, you’re likely overpricing your home and then ending up on the market for a longer period.” One of Sable’s new clients came to her “already burned out,” she shared, as his property had been on the market for a year without success.
“A better strategy in this market is to price just below market value or right at market value,” Sable advises. “In this market, if you price just under market value, it seems to bring a lot of activity because perceived market value is very important for buyers. They have to see that they’re getting value out of it.” With the slowing of the market this summer, Sable says it’s crucial to get the price right at the beginning or adjust it soon after the home has been listed if sellers see little activity.
Some sellers turn to Zillow to price their homes, but Sable cautions that the website can be misleading. “The Zillow value tends to follow the realtor value, so it’s not really an estimate, it’s almost like an appraised value, not a market value. So once the property is on the market, you’ll see that Zillow will follow the market value.”
In addition to being strategic with pricing, Sable advises sellers to target many different buyer audiences versus selecting a single target group. “Make sure you include multiple groups — new buyers, investors, downsizers, upsizers — to grab the most audiences possible,” she says. Sable assists with this promotional process through advertising, strategic keyword selection, social media and other avenues. “I definitely have an excellent command of the digital piece and would say that I tend to be more proficient than your average realtor on that front,” Sable says.
While Sable says she has an open dialogue with sellers about price throughout the process, her job is to make sure their property doesn’t sit too long. “I’m here to be your guide,” she says, “and I want you to make the best decision given the current climate.”
For more information on selling your home, contact Nina Sable at 508-733-8935, [email protected] or visit