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Natick Teachers Celebrated

Above, from left, Dance Teacher Danielle Bourdeau, Tori Heinlein and Visual Arts Teacher Hannah Wright

To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, several cast members from SpeakEasy Stage‚Äôs production of THE PROM invited influential teachers in their lives to join them for a show and a moment of tribute on stage during the May 13 matinee performance. 

 Music Director Paul Katz with Jr. HIgh and High School Music Teacher Noreen Diamond-Burdett

Natick-based teachers Noreen Diamond-Burdettand Danielle Bourdeau were joined by Music Director Paul Katz and cast member Tori Heinlen for an emotionally-charged reunion to highlight the impact that teachers have on the lives of creative professionals and artists. 

THE PROM continues through June 10th at Roberts Studio Theatre, 527 Tremont St. Go