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‘Spring’ Into Trash Removal Action

By Susan Manning
Staff Writer
 Kick your spring cleaning into high gear and rid your house, basement, or yard of unwanted junk by hiring I-HAUL Disposal Service.
Choosing I-HAUL for your trash removal needs means you’ll be choosing to support a local business with long-standing ties to the community.
You will be getting something more than if you used one of those big box companies: You’ll be getting Buz Bragdon, who was born and raised in Natick and runs I-HAUL as a detail-oriented, honest and friendly businessman.
I-HAUL takes the burden off of its customers by removing unwanted junk. It could be a pile of accumulated items in the middle of your garage floor, or it could be an entire house clean out.  
It could include removing items from your office or your yard. You name it and I-HAUL can remove it. Bragdon takes the items and delivers them to the appropriate state and federally licensed facilities. 
His is a custom service with fees based on each individual job because Bragdon knows each job is an individual situation and there is not a one-size-fits-all way of doing things.
Buz can either work alongside you to help choose items for discard, they can place a container in your driveway or yard for you to load or they can do all the heavy lifting – you choose.
According to Bragdon, I-HAUL removes virtually everything including the kitchen sink—trash, furniture, large and small household items, carpeting, appliances: It all goes. 
Outside of the house,  construction debris, demolition materials, minerals, brush and other yard waste are all part of Buz’s day. 
They take all waste ban items and most hazardous materials. Occasionally, when Bragdon hauls away a piece that might still have life left in it, he attempts to find and new home for it.
  Worried because some of your items are large and you don’t have the capacity or time to break them down? Don’t be. I-HAUL will do the necessary preparatory work before hauling large items. They’ll demolish a shed or cut up a fence or swing set, for example. They’ll cut down overgrown areas of your yard. I-HAUL is a full service company and performs exactly what you need done.
So what’s the craziest thing he’s ever hauled away? 
“An old dentist’s chair. It was big and heavy… And I was told I couldn’t tip it to get better leverage because there was oil in the base that would spill everywhere if I did. We had to finagle it out carefully down the steps and then into the high back of my truck,” he explained. 
Bragdon has been doing removal and disposal for more than 35 years. Nights and weekends, he hitched up his small utility trailer behind his mid-1970s station wagon and picked up trash and junk to bring to the local town landfills. 
“Because I had a trailer, people would ask me if I could pick up this or I could pick up that and help them out. I brainstormed that this could turn into more than just helping and that’s how I started,“ he said. 
Much has changed in the decades that followed: the kind of vehicles needed, where to bring junk for proper disposal or recycling, even the kind of junk. In the beginning, no one had heard of “e-waste,” for example and recycling was practically nonexistent. 
Today, Buz can recycle much of the debris collected and e-waste is a common component of what Bragdon deals with. Bragdon has also upgraded a few times from his old station wagon to a larger trucks to haul the kinds of stuff people have nowadays.
Bragdon said his turnaround is often the next day. To reach him, call 508-655-4968 or email [email protected]. Have a discussion of your removal and disposal needs with your local junk guy. “As Bragdon says, “You call.  I haul. That’s all.”   

I-HAUL takes away hazardous liquids such as the examples below: 
• Automotive Liquids (antifreeze, brake fluid, etc.)
• Garden Chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers)
• Paints and Stains
• Most household liquids

I-HAUL takes away appliances and metal, such as the examples below: 
• Refrigerators
• Freezers
• Lawn and Garden Power Equipment
• Metal Sheds

I-HAUL takes away bulk items, such as the examples below: 
• Mattresses
• Couches
• Furniture
• Treadmills

I-HAUL disassembles items, such as the examples below: 
• Shed
• Fence
• Play Equipment
• Deck
• Pool