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Art On Display At Morse Library Through February

Molly Dee, Main Level
In her work as a sculptor, Molly Dee researches and interacts with communities to share their stories through the exploration of the human form. Born and raised in Natick, she was a student at Joseph P. Keefe Technical High School, before attending Boston University’s School of Visual Arts. There she completed her undergraduate degree with a Bachelors of Fine Art, a double major in Graphic Design and Sculpture. She is currently a visual arts teacher as well as an artist, represented by Fountain Street Gallery. Artist Statement: Famous artists from Manet, Titian, Matisse to Modigliani and Henry Moore have looked to the reclining figure as a source of inspiration. The figure at rest, a solitary form while also full of potential energy, is an endless muse for artists throughout the centuries. In my take on the typology I looked to create a form that is at once welcoming but also guarded. Instead of traditional legs the sculpture’s form wraps up almost as if protecting itself. The high back mimics the forms of a sleek modern chair, but also separates the viewer from the center of the piece. Olympia is at once a colorful contemporary sculpture and also a piece at home among ancient relics.
Michael Murphy, Main Level Galleries (February only)
 Michael Murphy grew up in Texas and attended art school at Texas Tech University, studying painting, drawing, and printmaking. Upon graduation Michael pursued a career in education. After a successful career as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, director, assistant superintendent and superintendent, Michael turned to working with schools across North and South America as a national leadership coach, trainer, planning facilitator, and consultant. Michael still consults with school districts and school leaders to this day, but he never lost his love of design and art in architecture, nature, and abstraction. After a move to Natick, and with the support of his family, he was able to expand his personal world to involve the production of paintings, drawings, and prints to showcase his elation, emotions and thinking. His paintings are influenced by the seasons, his personal joy, and his concerns about the world and how people treat each other. For Michael, this work is now about risk taking, exploration, movement, and mood. His journey is far from over. This exhibit reflects themes of ‘Mood and Movement.’
Natick High School Student Art, Polk Virtual Gallery / Main Level
Natick High School art students’ Fall 2023 projects are featured in the Polk Virtual Gallery on the Main Level. Projects include submissions from AP Art & Design, Honors Portfolio, Drawing I, Intro to Graphic Design, North Star Art, and Digital Photography. A complete list of artists is available at the Circulation Desk.
Natick Artists Association
Lebowitz Meeting Hall / Lower Level
 Natick artists have been providing art to the community for years as a group of dedicated volunteers. We have formed an official volunteer organization, Natick Artists Associations, to bring even more art events and feature more local talent to our community. NAA is affiliated with the Natick Center Cultural Center and looks forward to engaging with them as art expands in Natick. This exhibit features member art with the theme: ‘What I did during COVID.’

Janis Leudke, Virtual Gallery / Main Level 
For the past thirty years Janis worked as an interior designer, and is a self-trained artist, specializing in painting and collage. She studied at Mount Holyoke College and the Colorado Institute of Art. After school Janis spent 2 decades living in the Southwest, where both her design and art were greatly influenced by the expanse of the landscape, the ever-changing light, the colors of the earth, the overall texture of the natural environment, and the Latin culture. Her work has been exhibited and installed in Southern California and throughout the Boston Metrowest area, Boston Children’s Hospital, Baystate Hospital of the Future, and the Boston Home. This exhibit features the art from her self-published book The Hearts That Fell Out of the Sky, which is about the Head Hearts who venture down to Earth from outer space on a special mission. Through their adventures they teach us a valuable lesson about living in our hearts.