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Tobin School offers school community a way to support families in need

​This month, The Tobin Schools in Natick (The Tobin School, Tobin Children’s School and Tobin Afterschool)  raised awareness around the needs in the greater community by giving their students and families an opportunity to contribute and make a difference. 
The school chose Family Promise Metrowest as a recipient of a community service drive, inviting families to donate items needed for a Thanksgiving dinner for a family served by Family Promise Metrowest. Students brought in stuffing, cranberry sauce, pie crust, pumpkin, mashed potatoes, and much more, along with a gift card to purchase a turkey. To add a personal touch to the project, students decorated the boxes to deliver the items.
“Tobin has long made a commitment to including community service in our work with children. While young children are notoriously self-focused, they are also strongly influenced by the adults around them. Providing ways that they can actively help others and working alongside them, we are both setting an example and starting a conversation that gets them thinking empathetically about those in our community and around the world,” said Lori Davis, Asst. Executive Director of Tobin’s Natick Campus. ”We are always on the lookout for ways that we can include our students, families, and teachers in community service activities. When COVID hit, so many organizations limited donations to funds only. Three years ago, we were so excited that Family Promise Metrowest would allow us to create and package Thanksgiving feasts for some of the families they serve. It’s our privilege to continue to support the wonderful work done by Family Promise Metrowest as they work to combat homelessness in our area.” 
In a world filled with challenges of late, the generosity and kindness that the children and families at The Tobin School showed in their Thanksgiving collection is heartwarming, helping families facing housing insecurity know that the community cares about them. Program Director Stephanie Di Dio was thrilled to accept the boxes when they arrived.  “The boxes were so thoughtfully created. You can see and feel love in each one. What a wonderful gift to share from one family to another. Thank you Tobin School community!”