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Natick Annual Town Meeting

Fall Annual Town Meeting 
October 18, 2022

The Commonweath Of The Massachusetts

Middlesex, ss

To Any Constable of the Town of Natick in said County:

In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts you are required to notify the qualified Town Meeting Members of the said Town of Natick to meet on Tuesday Evening October 18, 2022, at 7:30 PM, Natick High School, Natick, MA, then and there to act on the following Articles:
Article 1: Committee Article
Article 2: Fiscal 2023 Omnibus Budget
Article 3: Rescind Authorized, Unissued Debt
Article 4: Unpaid Bills
Article 5: Stabilization Fund
Article 6: Operational/Rainy Day Stabilization Fund
Article 7: Capital Stabilization Fund
Article 8: Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) Appropriation or Transfer of Funds
Article 9: PEG Access and Cable Related Fund
Article 10: Personnel Board Classification and Pay Pla
Article 11: Collective Bargaining
Article 12: Home Rule Petition: Natick Patrol Officers – Exemption from Civil Service
Article 13: Home Rule Petition: Natick Superior Officers – Exemption from Civil Service
Article 14: Create a Natick Town Bylaw to provide for Tax Payment Agreements pursuant to M.G.L c.60 section 62A
Article 15: Capital Equipment and Improvement
Article 16: Town Clerk from Elected to Appointed Position Article 17 MathWorks Mitigation Funds Re-appropriation
Article 18: Home Rule Petition: Remove Minimum Seating Capacity Requirements for All Alcohol and Wine and Malt Beverages On Premises Licenses
Article 19: Small Personal Property Exemption
Article 20: Moratorium – III-F Cluster Development Allowed in Certain Districts Article 21 Regional Center (RC) Overlay District
Article 22: III-F Cluster Development Allowed in Certain District Article 23 Paper Submittal Requirements (Zoning)
Article 24: East Central/Union Street Intersection (southern side) 
Article 25: Establish Charter and By-Law Review Committee 
Article 26: 246 N. Main St.
Article 27: Survey and Roadway Layout Plan for Pinewood and Hillcrest Avenues 
Article 28: The Brave Act
Article 29: Natick Charles River Dam