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Top-performing Allain Group specializes in Natick housing market

By Christie Vogt

Since 2018, Jessica Allain has been the number one agent in Natick, either as part of a team or as a solo agent. The Allain Group boasts seven team members with strong Natick connections; four members were born and raised in town, and the remaining three all live in Natick. The team includes principal agent Jessica Allain, associate agents Crystal Rogal, Kristen Scannell and Gabby Thomas, team agent India Ward, director of operations and marketing Caroline Egnaczyk, and stager Meredith Shaw.

In addition to its deep local connections, the group is part of Compass, the largest residential real estate brokerage in the United States, which means The Allain Group has access to premier technological resources. “We have tools like insights that show sellers where buyers are coming from,” Allain explains. “We also have the Compass Coming Soon platform which allows us to advertise the property before it goes on the market, which is incredible for sellers to gather intel and for buyers to know about properties in advance. Putting a ‘For Sale’ sign and waiting for results is a thing of the past.”

Allain has worked in real estate for 17 years. During college, Allain became interested in running her own business and decided to acquire a real estate license. “I wanted to be more in control of my professional outcomes,” she explains, “and the ability to push myself and work as hard as I possibly can was really appealing to me.”

After years of working in the rental market in Boston, Allain decided to make a shift. “I got married and was having my first child and decided that I really should focus on where I want to set roots because I believe that this business is extremely community-based,” she says. “The more you put into the community, the more they will support you. My former clients and referrals are the center of my business.” 

Allain and her husband decided to settle in Natick 10 years ago and have since raised three children in the area. “The town has been our dream come true as a community, and because of that, it’s been an amazing place to work,” she says. Allain, a lover of the arts, is on the development committee for The Center For Arts in Natick (TCAN), and her husband, a lover of sports, volunteers as a soccer, lacrosse and football coach. They also support groups like the Foundation for MetroWest and the Redhawk Foundation.

When it comes to the current housing market, Allain says it’s time for sellers to act. “If you have any consideration of selling in the next two years, it would be a very smart decision to start thinking about it right now; the Natick market has seen an all-time high,” she says. “The market might make a slight correction, but regardless, historically it’s still an incredible time to sell.”  

For buyers, Allain says there are always opportunities in the slower months and although interest rates are fluctuating, she urges clients to remember this tried-and-true saying: “You marry the house, but you date the rate.” Refinancing down the road is always an option, she says. 

Allain says her talented team is well-equipped to guide clients with whatever real estate needs they have. “We capitalize on our team members’ strengths,” she says, “and we find avenues for each of us to thrive in our work while having fun, and that energy goes into each transaction. We’re much more than just standard paperwork and representation. We do it all from the beginning to the end to get clients the best possible outcome.”

For more information or to receive a complimentary price analysis, contact Jessica Allain at 617-820-8114 or email [email protected].