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Natick Center Cultural District Celebrates “Multicultural Day”

By Athena Pandolf 
Executive Director, NCCD 
As part of our expanding program to the community the Natick Center Cultural District celebrates Multicultural Day for the fifth year on Aug. 27, from 11 am – 2 pm, at the Common St. Spiritual Center. This event will celebrate the various food, inspiring music, exciting dance and cultures found within the different ethnicities in our community. 


We will be featuring an array of traditional and contemporary music, costume, dance and food from various cultures around the world. From traditional Irish dancing to African drumming rhythms there will be authors, crafts and exhibits on each culture represented. So, come and learn something new about your neighbors! 
If you are a part of a group or organization that would like to be represented please contact: Athena Pandolf, Executive Director, NCCD at [email protected] or call the office at 508-650-8848.  
We are hoping to attract the various cultures of Natick residents that are in town. We would like to have a day and celebrate the variety of cultures that people in our town come from. There will be entertainment, cultural fashion, music and food from various groups. 
This annual event celebrates our community and its cultural diversity and vitality!