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Coming Full Circle: Dr. Allison Ailor Joins Performance Health Center

Aug 02, 2021 01:36PM ● By Chuck Tashjian

                                                               Dr. Allison Ailor

From a young age, Dr. Allison Ailor sought treatment from a chiropractor. As a young girl, she watched as a doctor performed his magic on her parents and herself. 
That doctor—Dr. Bradley Weiss, a chiropractor—is now her mentor and the owner of the practice she joined this spring: Performance Health Center, where she is working with him and Dr. Thomas Ball.  

                                                               Dr. Bradley Weiss

“Throughout my life, Dr. Weiss has shown me that chiropractic medicine can help people live their fullest lives, pain free. I derive great joy in helping others feel their best, and I’m thrilled to join the doctor who inspired me,” said Dr. Ailor. 

                                                                  Dr. Thomas Ball

“Dr. Ball and I are excited to welcome Dr. Allison Ailor to our team,” said Dr. Weiss. “Our patients are already raving about her skill, knowledge and compassion. I am happy that my enthusiasm for chiropractic medicine was so contagious.”
“Since joining his practice, Dr. Weiss continues to uplift me. He is still mentoring me and checks in daily with me to make sure I am doing my best and have all my questions answered. Dr. Ball has also been a huge help,“ she said. 
Originally from Vermont, where Dr. Weiss began his career, Dr. Ailor came to Boston to study at Northeastern University, where she majored in Environmental Geology and Mathematics, with a minor in Fine Arts. 
During college, she danced competitively and continued to receive care from Dr. Weiss, who had moved to Massachusetts by then. This care became life-altering when a severe injury threatened to interrupt her upcoming performances. A few days of treatment at Performance Health Center eliminated all traces of pain so she could go onstage.
“When I hurt my back, I didn’t think I was going to be able to perform. But after treatment by Dr. Weiss, I was able to participate in the performance. I loved seeing how much it helped me and how much I can help others,” she said.
After graduation, she performed with Funkanometry, a professional nonprofit hip hop dance company, based in California. 
After more years trying different careers, she realized she wanted to help others on their journey toward improved physical well-being. She obtained her doctorate in chiropractic medicine from National University of Health Sciences in Pinellas Park, Florida in 2020. 
While in school, she received the community service award, several academic and character-based scholarships, and was a faculty-selected tutor in Neuroanatomy, Neuroendocrine Physiology, and Advanced Clinical Diagnosis. 
As a student, Dr. Ailor simultaneously completed Parker University’s Animal Chiropractic Program and is currently working toward becoming an American Veterinary Chiropractic Association Certified Animal Chiropractor. She also completed a clinical internship with Performance Health Center, “internalizing” the systems and standards of care that Dr. Weiss has implemented.
As Dr. Ailor continues to build her patient base, she said every day is is rewarding.
“ I love the holistic and non-invasive aspects of chiropractic medicine. I find that the more I learn, the more I love,” she said.       
About Performance Health Center

 Bernadette Lehmann

Founded in 2002 by Dr. Weiss, Performance Health Center is a multifaceted chiropractic healthcare facility in Natick. We meet the health care needs of those who want to perform better in their lives—including active families, home-office workers, athletes and even Grammy-winning musicians. Our chiropractic doctors and staff use natural and state-of-the-art techniques, such as Active Release Techniques (ART®) that optimize patients’ health, improve function and decrease/eliminate pain without drugs or surgery. There are only 30 chiropractors who specialize in this technique in Massachusetts, with only eight licensed to focus on nerve entrapment.
Members of the Performance Health Center staff can be reached here: [email protected][email protected][email protected]; [email protected] It is located at 264 North Main St., Natick. The phone number is 508–655–9008. It is online at: