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Five Qualities We Look for in a Home Health or Hospice Nurse Applicant 

We refer to our clinicians as “healthcare heroes” because the work they do truly is life-changing and enables patients to stay in their homes. Working directly with patients as a home health or hospice nurse requires a distinct set of qualities as they deliver care in our communities. To succeed in these roles, VNA Care looks for these characteristics in candidates for our home health and hospice nursing positions.
Independence and Critical Thinking: Home health and hospice nurses work at the top of their licensure in an environment unlike any other in healthcare. They must possess high levels of aptitude and autonomy to operate independently while caring for patients with a wide range of needs. Our nurses must possess the ability to independently communicate assessment findings and care needs of the patient. This requires keen assessment skills, critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and self-motivation to empower patients to meet their health care goals.
Teamwork: Although home health and hospice nursing require autonomy there is a community of support at VNA Care. Nurses draw on the expertise of, and learn new skills from, VNA Care’s nurse specialists. They have support from clinical services managers and participate in interdisciplinary collaboration with other team members to provide the best possible patient care.
Organization: Organizational skills are critical in this role, particularly when working independently in the field. Our nurses visit with multiple patients per day with complex and unique needs. Organization helps them handle multiple priorities and adapt quickly to unforeseen changes if necessary.
Empathy and compassion: The people we serve may be recovering from surgery, managing an illness or other health conditions or they may be on their end-of-life journey. Empathy and compassion are important parts of support. An empathic and compassionate approach to care makes all the difference in creating that source of support.
Passion for the work we do: VNA Care nurses enjoy working face-to-face with patients and being an integral part of our communities. They build meaningful relationships with patients and families, becoming trusted partners to help live their best lives at home.
Home health and hospice care is uniquely rigorous and exceptionally rewarding. Although it requires a specific set of skills and characteristics, our nurses ease into their new roles while working with a preceptor and educator through our strong orientation program. If you see these qualities in yourself and are interested in joining our team, please check out our careers page. We would love to meet you and welcome you to our team!