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New Nonprofit Focuses On Natick Youth

The Redhawk Foundation, a new nonprofit in Natick, aims to financially assist youth sports and activities in the town. Members answer questions for the Local Town Pages below.    

What is your mission?

The mission of The Redhawk Foundation is to provide financial support for Natick youth sports and activities. This includes community outreach, covering costs for league and class fees, sourcing and upgrading equipment, and improving facilities and playing fields. 

Why Natick?

The founders and directors of the Redhawk Foundation are all Natick residents. We know firsthand the challenges and needs of our fellow Natick residents and we wanted to give back to our Natick community that has always been so giving and generous to us.

What are the goals?

The Redhawk Foundation hopes to make sports and activities accessible to every local child who wants to participate. Registration fees, camps, private lessons and purchasing equipment can be expensive for families, especially if you have more than one child. For families that are struggling, this can be a reason they are unable to register. 

Why is it important to focus on youth?

The past year has been challenging and as we move together toward hope and stability, we recognize that our children have been affected deeply. We understand that being a part of something bigger than yourself, participating in confidence building activities, and exercising and embracing healthy outlets can be exactly what our children need to move forward in a healing, positive way.

Who is involved with it?

The Redhawk Foundation was founded by the Allain and Warren families, along with members of the Natick Service Council and Foundation Metrowest. 

How can people get involved?

Contact our President, Peter Warren at [email protected]