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New trails committee formed, needs members

Jun 18, 2020 02:25PM ● By Chuck Tashjian

The Natick Conservation Commission is seeking members to a newly formed Forest & Trails Stewardship Committee, which will have overall responsibility for building and maintaining trails in Natick, as well as stewardship of Natick’s conservation land. Click here for details on the role of the committee and how to apply.

 This committee replaces two prior town committees, the Town Forest Committee and Trails Maintenance Committee. The new committee will have overall responsibility for trails, although there will continue to be important roles for other groups, including our committee, Friends of Natick Trails, Keep Natick Beautiful, and a network of trail stewards.

 We hope you will consider applying for membership in this committee. In addition, we expect there will numerously volunteer opportunities to help the committee with its mission.